Automotive Electrical Connectors

Neptune 0/12 Cable Socket (MET) (CON-104)


Neptune 0/12 cable socket complete with terminals. (METAL LOCKING RING)

The additional photo shows the pin layout of the connector.

Suggested crimp tool Green Non-insulated crimp tool or Neptune ITT Cannon crimp tool see our Tools section for details.

Neptune power pins are rated at 30A at 12V and signal pins are rated at 13A at 12V.

Please note that first number when classifying neptune connectors refers to the amount of power pins and the second number refers to the number of signal pins within the connector.

Each connector in our Neptune range (except the 0/12 size 14 shell) comes with a heatshink backshell

For more details on the full Trident Neptune range please see the Catalogue


Crimping Neptune Terminals (2755kb)

£29.99 exc VAT
(£35.99 inc VAT)