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Easy Install Raid Spec Battery Master Kit (BAT-100)

Electric Battery Master Switch
Raid Spec Kit
Suggested uses:
  • Road vehicle which requires master switch to be left on for prolonged periods
  • Raid/Desert spec where battery master switch is required to be left on in Parc Fermé.
  • This unit has an economiser which allows the relay, once energised, to draw only milliamps. 
  • It is also fully waterproof and can be mounted in a continuously wet location.
  • This unit meets MSA/FIA requirements for battery disconnect.
  • Current rating 2500 amps for 5 seconds. 
  • 250 amps continuous. 
  • Average cranking amps for 3 minutes.
Wiring Schematic:
BAT-100 Wiring Schematic
The kit includes:
  •  1 x    Ev200 with economiser
  • 1 x    Spike suppressor
  • 1 x    Engine kill relay
  • 1 x    Relay holder
  • 1 x    Green reflex switch (on – in cab)
  • 1 x    Red reflex switch (off – in cab)
  • 2 x    Yellow reflex switch (off – external)
  • Necessary cable and connectors
  • Set instructions

£382.00 exc VAT
(£458.40 inc VAT)